2014 Drop It Like It’s Hot ENTRY

If you haven’t already read the details of my Drop It Like It’s Hot Challenge, go here to read more and then come back here to register. 

I have partnered with my friend Tamarah Bartmess at to offer this super fun challenge with crazy, ridiculous prizes.

How to Enter:

All entries must be submitted via email to with ALL of the information listed below by 11:59 P.M. MST, January 31, 2014. No late or incomplete submissions will be accepted.

The competition ends May 31, 2014. Final entry forms must be submitted with an “after” photo and all final measurements no later than 11:59 P.M. MST on June 7, 2014. No late or incomplete final entry forms will be accepted. 

Fifty percent of scoring will be based on the participants why, how, and goals. When submitting your registration email and final entry email, you will be asked to explain these in 1,500 words or less and whether or not you met or exceeded your goals.

Final Results will be determined by a panel of judges connected to the Lightsome Living and Totally Healthy Recipes Team. Winners will be announced June 15, 2014

*This is a competition run independent of doTERRA’s annual Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition.Please direct all Questions to Tamarah Bartmess 801-835-8346 or LightsomeLiving at gmail dot com or to McKenna Gordon at kennalyn1 at gmail dot com

Registration Email must be sent to and include the following:

Subject: 2014 Weight Loss Challenge

First Name

Last Name

Email Address


Address, City, State, Zip

Phone Number





Current Weight

Goal Weight

Left & Right Bicep



Left & Right Thigh


Photos: (must be same type of clothing in before/after photo)

1- Holding Major Newspaper with date visible

2 – Front View, head to toe

3- Side View, head to toe.


Essay Questions:

• Products you have chosen to use during the competition.
• Limitations you have encountered previously due to weight or lifestyle.
• Your goals for weight loss and lifestyle change. (Be specific with your weight loss goals. You will be judged on meeting these goals so choose things that are measurable.) 

• Lifestyle improvements that you have made and changes seen.
• Experiences that have motivated you and others to continue eating healthfully and using essential oils to heal imbalances.
• Your goals you achieved in weight loss and lifestyle change. 



1) Must be a doTERRA Wholesale Member on McKenna Gordon’s team or the Lightsome Living team. (If you aren’t yet and want to join just listen to the welcome webinar to learn how, or email me (kennalyn1 at gmail dot com) and I’ll help you get started and show you how to get your membership fee waived.

2) Cannot use any other weight loss products during the competition period.

3) Must use the Slim & Sassy Metabolic Essential Oil Blend as well as 2 other doTERRA products during the challenge/competition*.



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