Hey! I’m McKenna Gordon

It’s my passion to help others in their journey toward health and happiness. As a nutritionist focusing on healthy eating for many years, I slowly came to find that true health and lasting happiness require a “whole”istic approach. It’s not just about eating healthfully! 

Your whole being contributes to your health and happiness: your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic parts all play equal roles.

My books and programs help you connect with your purpose, heal your body naturally, and simplify your life in the process. 

I’m a holistic nutritionist, certified integrative aromatherapist, reiki practitioner, speaker, author, homeschooling mama of 3, and music-loving goofball.

I have tried and failed so many times to feed my family more healthy foods. But I seriously felt like it was impossible. We’re just so busy! And it’s discouraging when my kids complain and make messes and beg for mac and cheese. It’s so exhausting that I would always end up giving up after a week or so. But now my kids are actually reaching for fruits and veggies as their snacks because of McKenna’s One-Minute Meal Plan snack hacks. And I feel like the “fight” is gone. I’m no longer fighting to eat healthy. We are just DOING it and yes it takes effort, but it is completely doable with this system. 

Chante Weber

I’m a wholistic wellness expert assisting others

in overcoming their challenges in health,

relationships, spirituality, and finding joy and purpose.

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Mind & Spirit

Emotional wellness, happiness hacks, and ever-elusive “life balance.” 😉

Body & Vitality

Nutrition and turning on your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Home, Family & Personal Care

Natural home care, relationships and more.

Ways to Work With Me:

Join My FREE “Simply Whole” Group: 

This is your go-to group for:

  • Nutrition tips and healthy (even kid-friendly) recipes
  • Happiness hacks (mindfulness, connecting to your purpose and staying connected, neuro-science on productivity and emotional bliss)
  • Simple systems for productivity, meal planning, killing your to-do list like a boss, etc.
  • Holistic living health solutions (herbs, essential oils, and nutrients that can help you put your body on the path to healing)
  • Holistic living DIY (homemade but EASY and cheap personal care, beauty products, home care and cleaning, etc
  • Raising your vibration without the “woo-woo”

Participate in McKenna’s Programs: 

Check out my books and programs for great real-life solutions on healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • The One-Minute Meal Plan – not your mother’s meal plan! This system will re-train your brain and your kitchen in order to automate meals, and feed your family healthfully in a world where convenience is king.
  • The H.O.P.E. Course – combines the power of nutrition, limbic system hacking, and mindfulness to aid in healing from anxiety and depression. Also a fantastic course for avoiding relapse.
  • The Shift – a book of affirmations for healing, indexed by category
  • The Undo Button – undo the last few weeks (or years) of unhealthy eating, empower your willpower, and lighten-up! (For good this time.)

Wow! I have learned so much from McKenna’s courses. McKenna carefully and clearly explains and walks you through the actual science of why it works. She doesn’t just tell you “trust me,” or “it worked for me, so it should work for you.” I finished The Hope Course feeling empowered with knowledge and steps. McKenna is incredibly knowledgeable on emotional wellness. She KNOWS her stuff. She has studied it and practiced it in her own life and from this experience she has a depth of compassion that is incredibly comforting to someone who is traveling the journey of emotional healing. McKenna creates a safe and trusting learning environment (in person or online). I have reasonable understanding of emotional healing but McKenna took it to an entirely new level for me. I will forever be grateful for her sharing her knowledge.

Terri Hensley

I strive to live by this motto: Fill your own cup. Flood your cells with nutrients. Feed your soul with purpose and passion. Connect to your inner-self and the divine daily. Become WHOLE physically, emotionally, spiritually… and then turn around and do a whole lot of good with all that energy, spunk, power and light.

In short:

Be well. Do good. 

Will you join me?